Big 5 Sightings – 24th – 30th June

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Monday, 24 June 2024


  • Xidulu, the female leopard and Nhenhe, the young male leopard mobile north from Horseshoe Open Area.
  • Two buffalo bulls stationary feeding on Track South.
  • Tortoise Pan, the male leopard mobile south on Saseka.
  • Breeding herd of twelve elephants drinking water at Serengeti Pan.

Tuesday, 25 June 2024


  • Four Kambula male lions and one lioness feeding on a buffalo kill at Champaign Clearing.
  • Two elephant bulls stationary feeding north of Umbrella Tree Clearing.
  • Two Plains Camp male lions and three Nkuhuma lionesses feeding on a waterbuck bull kill north of Serengeti Open.

Wednesday, 26 June 2024


  • The Kruger male lion and the four Imbali lionesses, mobile north from Big Dam into the Manyeleti Game Reserve.
  • The four Kambula male lions and their sister, mobile south into Torchwood from Cruse Camp driveway.
  • Xidulu, the female leopard resting on Southern Fork.
  • A breeding herd of approximately 300 buffalo, mobile west into Djuma on Cheetah Cutline.
  • Nhenhe, the young male leopard resting at Mafufunyana junction with the Marikeni Donga.
  • A breeding of thirty elephants, drinking at Elephant Plains open area.





Thursday, 27 June 2024

(16°C) 2,5mm of rain.

  • The two Plains Camp male lions, resting on Ngwenya South.
  • A breeding herd of ten elephants, feeding at EP/ Manyeleti crossing.
  • Mokhomsava, the female leopard moving east from Broken Dam.

Friday, 28 June 2024

(16°C) 12mm of rain.

  • Two Nkuhuma lionesses, were chased up a dead marula tree by the EP hyena clan at the junction of EP driveway and Elephant Carcass.
  • Tiyani, the female leopard chasing a younger unknown female leopard at Rhino Pan.
  • A breeding herd of around 40 elephants drinking from the watering hole in front of Elephant Plains Game Lodge.

Saturday, 29 June 2024


  • Laluka, the female leopard feeding on a female impala kill in a marula tree on the junction of Zebra Drive and Parallel.
  • A herd of around 200 buffalo feeding on Poachers Road.
  • A pack of three African wild dogs moving south on Cheetah Cutline.
  • Six Nkuhuma lioness moving east on Sandy Patch.





Sunday, 30 June 2024


  • Four Kambula male lions and one Kambula lioness sleeping at Johnsons’ Clearing.
  • Six Nkuhuma lionesses feeding on a buffalo kill on Galago Shortcut.



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