Weekly Big Five Sightings 25 September – 01 October

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Monday, 25 September 2023


  • Tiyani female Leopard hunting Grey Duiker at gabeys causeway.
  • S8 male Lion static on Simbambili fire break East od simba dam.
  • Breeding herd of twenty African Elephants feeding at Cheetah cutline junction with Buffels Gowrie cutline.
  • Nine Nkuhuma Lions consisting of four young males and five females static on Kruger boundary junction with Buffels Gowrie cutline.
  • Makhomsava female Leopard feeding on grey Duiker kill between eagle owl crossing and land cruiser crossing.

Tuesday, 26 September 2023


  • Breeding herd of six African Elephants feeding on sawmill, grass cut junction.
  • Five Talamati breakaway sub adult Lions with S8 male Lion sleeping at Jacana Dam.
  • Pack of four African Wild Dogs North of Galago waterhole sleeping.

Wednesday, 27 September 2023


  • Laluka female Leopard stalking Impala South of Tjololo.
  • S8 male Lions sleeping at secret clearing .
  • Xidulu female Leopard One eye pan road near Simbambili dam.
  • Makhomsava female Leopard mobile South from seefs pan road.





Thursday, 28 September 2023


  • Luluka female Leopard Tjololo road mobile South .
  • Pack of three African Wild Dogs sleeping on Simbambili fire break north of Pommies pan.
  • Imbali pride of Lions consisting of seven female Lioness mobile North from Avoca corner.
  • S8 Male Lion Mobile North on the Manyaleti boundry mobile North towards bushbuck dam.

Friday, 29 September 2023


  • Xinzele female Leopard with her cub feeding on a Grey Duiker kill east of leopard drift on Londolozi boundary.
  • Breeding herd of ten African Elephants drinking at leeukull.
  • Makhomsava female Leopard resting on a termite mound on Seepline west.
  • Xidulu female Leopard mobile North from airport link.

Saturday, 30 September 2023


  • Xidulu female Leopard mobile over Makulu open towards pomeys pan.
  • Laluka female Leopard sleeping West of pomeys pan.
  • Makomsava female Leopard mobile South along kudu drift.

Sunday, 1 October 2023


  • Three Nkuhuma Lioness sleeping at the rocks.
  • Two Black Dam male Lions mating with a lioness on the Southern end of Arasthusa safari air strip.
  • Breeding herd of twenty African Elephants feeding on fifteenth crossing road.





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