September Trumpet 2023

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Spring is in the air and with it comes a delightful burst of colour, energy and new growth! Not only in the surrounding bush, but also at the lodge itself. There have been so many projects and exciting developments during these past few months. What better way to share everything that’s been going on, than with an exciting Spring EP Newsletter?

Elephants at the gate

Elephants at the gate

In May of this year, the new Elephant Plains Game Lodge main offices opened its doors in the heart of Nelspruit. Reservations and many of the operational functions moved from the lodge to a more centrally located base in the heart of town. Our doors are open for any visitors, wishing to enquire on availability, or any other information that they might need. The office is manned by our Reservations Manager, Lorien Henning ([email protected]) and Operations Manager, Barbara Nolte ([email protected]). Both can be reached telephonically on either +27 76 838 2827 or +27 83 567 2417. The office is located at 38 Mostert Street in Nelspruit. If you are ever in the area, do pop in for a quick visit and a cup of coffee!

We also had the privilege of welcoming Dee-Anne, our Communications Liaison, to the team. Her unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction sets a new, unparalleled standard. With an innate passion for elevating each visitor’s experience, she goes above and beyond to ensure their stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Infusing her care and meticulous attention to detail, she cultivates an ambiance of authentic connection that resonates deeply with our guests. Dee-Anne’s friendly presence within our team is cherished, as she truly embodies the essence of what makes EP so heart-warming and familiar.

Pathway with flowers
Spring flowers
Flowers at rondavels

Darryn and Kellé are doing an amazing job as management couple and we couldn’t be happier to have welcomed them back home, after they’d been part of the EP team, pre-Covid. Welcome back home, guys!

Our new addition to the kitchen, Chef Renier Troskie, has gracefully taken over the helm as our new Head Chef. With his dynamic leadership, the Food & Beverage department has experienced a remarkable revitalization. Renier has masterfully curated a new menu, seamlessly intertwining the richness of traditional South African cuisine, together with a global tapestry of flavours. We are excited about this new culinary journey, promising our guests an exquisite fusion of freshly prepared, innovative delights, to enchant and captivate their palates.

We are also delighted to introduce the latest additions to our team of guides: Jordan Delvecchio and Jordan Nell. Their profound affinity to nature and their unwavering commitment to crafting unparalleled wildlife experiences for our guests, render them a perfect match for our team.

Other additions to the team include Keletso (Commis Chef), Robby (Maintenance), Veronica (Housekeeping) and Langutani (Housekeeping). You’ve all fitted right into our EP traditions and have contributed so much to the team already. Our members of staff will always remain one of our biggest assets.

Guests on safari

Guests on safari

We are still busy with our gentle refurbishments of the Rondavels. The first in line was Rondavel 5, where a delightful change is almost complete. Subsequently, we plan to revitalize each individual Rondavel in a phased manner. Our overarching aspiration is to capture the enduring allure and timeless elegance, intrinsic to the South African Safari, while still keeping a bit of the original charm of years gone by.
Rondavels 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been adorned with some new furnishings and decor elements, poised to elevate the guest experience. The infusion of these changes not only adds a touch of modern sophistication, but also harmonizes seamlessly with the natural allure of the surrounding gardens. As we continue to enhance every detail, we eagerly anticipate the delight and appreciation that these newly transformed spaces will evoke in our cherished guests. As soon as the upgrades are finished, we’ll send out some much-anticipated photos of the upgrades.

The Wi-Fi installation at the lodge has also been completed with fibre being installed, in order to include all our rooms with coverage. This has been a lovely addition to the overall experience and the connection is a lot more consistent, enabling our guests to share their amazing experience here far and wide.

Lions on drive

Lions on drive

Lately, our wildlife encounters have been nothing short of extraordinary. The enchanting Tiyani, a female leopard, has given birth to two cubs, born in the early days of August. We still eagerly anticipate the privilege of witnessing their growth and journey ahead. At the moment they are still safely tucked away in their den site.

We have enjoyed remarkable sightings of cheetahs, typically more elusive to the area. These special sightings have been more frequent, surprising and delighting us during the past few weeks.

Our traversing area has also been graced by the presence of wild dogs. It’s a heart-warming sight to view their energetic interaction. The Ottowa pack seems to be gradually relocating their precious pups closer to our property, which is very exciting!

Adding to the excitement, our traversing area now hosts four new male lions. Their majestic presence adds an incredible new chapter to the rich history of our area’s lion prides through the years.

We are still eagerly awaiting the first rains and we’re looking forward to the welcoming lush greenery and all the baby antelope this new season will bring. We are looking forward to a fantastic Springtime. Hopefully, you’ll join us on safari one of these days. Until then, keep safe.

“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to.”
– Richard Mullin –

The EP Team

The Oxpecker

The Oxpecker

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